Catalogue Busway Schneider – EN [pdf]

Catalogue Busway Schneider I-LINE II from 630A to 6300ASchneider Electric Busway – Schneider busway distribution system



Catalogue Busway Schneider 


  • Schneider busway is evolving to meet your needs 
  • Schneider busway distribution system 
  • Schneider busway, in total harmony with the environment 
  • From the transportation to the distribution, Schneider busway is the core of your installation 
  • Schneider busway, a display of advantages
  • Schneider busway is adapted for all types of building
  • Schneider busway enjoys reliable quality with complete certifcation
  • With the Schneider busway tools and services, let us compose your project

Presentation and Description

  • Panorama of Schneider Busway Range
  • I-LINE II from 630 to 6300A
  • General
  • Straight Length
  • Fitting
  • Supports and Fixings
  • Special Fitting
  • Plug-in Unit

Catalogue Numbers and Dimensions

  • Catalogue Number Coding 

I-LINE II Copper Busway

  • Straight Length
  • Straight Length Components
  • Elbow 
  • Flanged End 
  • Cable Tap Box 
  • Feed Unit for Dry Type Transformer 
  • Supports and Fixings 

I-LINE II Copper Contact Busway

  • Straight Length 
  • Straight Length Components 
  • Elbow 
  • Flanged End 
  • Cable Tap Box 
  • Feed Unit for Dry Type Transformer 
  • Supports and Fixings 
  • Plug-in Unit

Design Guide 

  • Characteristics 
  • Design with I-LINE II Busbar Trunking System 
  • Harmonic Current 
  • Fire Resistance 
  • Measurement and Metering 
  • iBusway Solution 
  • Direct Current

Installation Guide 

  • Layout Advice 
  • Rising Main 
  • Reception, Handling and Storage 
  • Testing and Commissioning 
  • Maintenance 

Suggested Specifcations 

  • Busbar Trunking System 3

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