3AV vacuum circuit breaker – the trendsetter

Máy cắt cao thế Siemens loại “3AV vacuum circuit breaker” phù hợp cho những ứng dụng điện áp 72.5 kV!

3AV vacuum circuit breaker Siemens

3AV vacuum circuit breaker Siemens

3AV vacuum circuit breaker Siemens

Technical Data

3AV1FG 72.5 kV prototype

The next generation of high-voltage circuit breakers. The outstanding technical performance and low lifecycle costs of vacuum circuit breakers make this solution the preferred technology in power networks up to 52 kV. Based on 40 years of experience producing mediumvoltage vacuum interrupters and with more than 3 million units delivered, Siemens is now introducing this proven technology to high-voltage power networks above 52 kV.

The upcoming new member of our circuit breaker family meets the same high quality standards as our SF6 portfolio and is also designed according to our well proven modular platform concept.

The new 3AV1 vacuum circuit breaker has concrete technical advantages: It features reliable switching capacity, requires no maintenance even when subjected to frequent breaking operations, and is also environmentally friendly – thanks to switching operations performed in a vacuum, with nitrogen as the insulating medium. These circuit breakers will be the right choice for future projects and a wide range of applications.

Field experience

Prototypes of the new Siemens high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers have already been installed in European power networks. A number of Energy customers are operating the 3AV1 prototypes in their systems and are sharing operating and field experience with us. In fact, several thousand switching operations have already been performed successfully in the field, and documented.

Market launch will follow the completion of studies. Siemens ensures the highest quality standards and offers customers the highest degree of security for their energy supplies. A complete set of type tests in accordance with the latest edition of IEC 62271-100 has proven the suitability of the 72.5 kV live tank vacuum circuit breaker prototype.

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3AV Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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