MCB Siemens Catalog (5SL, 5SY, 5SJ, 5ST, 5SK)

MCB Siemens Catalog (5SL, 5SY, 5SJ, 5ST, 5SK), tài liệu thông số kỹ thuật, mã sản phẩm MCB 5SL; MCB 5SY; MCB SJ; MCB 5ST, MCB 5SK, module; busbars và phụ kiện Siemens.

Tóm tắt nội dung

5SL miniature circuit breakers

For all 0.3 to 63 A applications with B and C tripping characteristics with a rated breaking capacity of 4500 A and 6000 A acc. to EN 60898-1.

  • 5SL3, 4500 A
  • 5SL6, 6000 A

5SY and 5SP miniature circuit breakers

For all applications from 0.3 to 125 A with a rated breaking capacity of 10000 A and 15000 A acc. to EN 60898-1. Applications for universal current from 0.3 to 63 A, Version 25 kA, acc. to EN 60947-2

  • 5SY6, 6000 A
  • 5SY4, 10000 A
  • 5SP4, high-current, 10000 A
  • 5SP5, 5SY5, UC, 10000 A
  • 5SY7, 15000 A
  • 5SY8, 25000 A

5SJ6. . .-.KS miniature circuit breakers, with plug-in terminals

For socket outlet and lighting circuits in all building installations. The plug-in terminals offer easy front connection for manual insertion of conductors, which considerably reduces mounting times. EN 60898-1

5SY miniature circuit breakers, 1+N in 1 MW

For socket outlet and lighting circuits in all building installations where a switchable neutral conductor is required. The miniature circuit breaker 1+N saves space in the distribution board. EN 60898-1

  • 5SY3 0, 4500 A
  • 5SY6 0, 6000 A

5SJ4 . . .-.HG miniature circuit breakers and accessories

Miniature circuit breakers can be used as “branch circuit protection” and are approved for the connection type “same polarity” and “opposite polarity” in the characteristics B, C and D acc. to UL489, from 0.3 to 63 A.

SHU 5SP3 main miniature circuit breakers

Voltage-independent selective main miniature circuit breakers (SHU) in the precounter sector support downstream miniature circuit breakers by providing better current limitation. DIN VDE 0641-21

5SK9 circuit breaker terminals

Circuit breaker terminals are used for short-circuit protection or for protection against overload and short circuits in auxiliary and control circuits downstream of control transformers.

Additional components

Auxiliary switches, fault signal contacts, shunt trips, under voltage releases for higher plant availability, RC units for personal safety and remote controlled mechanisms for remote switching.


Busbars in 10 mm² and 16 mm² save space in the distribution board and time during mounting. Busbars in 18 mm2 and 25 mm2 acc. to UL 508 and CSA.

MCB Siemens Catalog

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