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Máy cắt cao thế Siemens loại “3AP Dead Tank Compact circuit breaker” phù hợp cho những ứng dụng điện áp từ 145 kV đến 245 kV!

3AP Dead Tank Compact Siemens

3AP Dead Tank Compact Siemens

3AP Dead Tank Compact Siemens

Technical Data

For 145 kV and 245 kV applications

The hybrid concept on which the 3AP1 Dead Tank Compact (DTC) is based combines SF6-encapsulated components and air-insulated devices. The application of gas insulated components increases availability of the switchgear. According to CIGRE analyses, gas-insulated components are four times more reliable than air insulated components. Furthermore, safety can be enhanced by separating gas compartments, e.g. between the circuit breaker and disconnector.

The DTC circuit breaker is a compact arrangement of several functions needed in a substation. The elements of this Siemens compact switchgear is a dead tank circuit breaker, fitted with one or two current transformers, one or more disconnectors, earthing switches and bushings as applicable for connection to the bus bar system. And of course, based on our modular design, the core components are adopted from our high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnectors and GIS product family. Due to the compact design and the flexible use of predefined modules, different layouts can be realized with a minimum of engineering effort.

The level of encapsulation and the design of the DTC module can be defined in accordance with the requirements of the individual substation layout and the system operator’s project budget. This leads to optimized investments and greater success for our customers’ businesses.

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3AP Dead Tank Compact Siemens

Nhà phân phối thiết bị máy cắt cao thế - High-Voltage Circuit Breakers "3AP Dead Tank Compact" Siemens (cho ứng dụng 145 kV - 245 kV) chính hãng tại Việt Nam!

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